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Cleveland Man Opens Fire On Cops With Assault Rifle During Routine Traffic Stop [DISTURBING VIDEO]


An officer’s worst nightmare. The man, James Gilkerson, ran a stop sign and his motives for firing on the cops is unknown. He had a book in his vehicle titled, ““Advanced Close-range Gun Fighting.”

The two officers, Brandon Savage and Erin Thomas, fired 54 rounds back at Gilkerson, killing him. Obvioulsy the retaliation was warranted. offers more details:

[Police Chief Arnold] Stanko said Gilkerson was shot several times, but kept firing. During the gunfight, Gilkerson shouted, “Kill me.” Thomas, a former Woodmere officer, still is not back to work. She lost a finger in the encounter. Savage had minor injuries to his left thigh. He is back at work, the chief said.The chief said police could find little in the way of ammunition and books in the home Gilkerson shared with his mother. He said he did not know if Gilkerson kept his weapon, ammunition and the books in his car all the time or if he had piled it all in side that day.

Very glad to see the two officers made it out of the situationwith non-life threatening injuries.

A quote from Stanko perfectly sums up the situation: “He was a scumbag, and a terrorist, and he’s dead.”

  • COED Writer