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Miley Cyrus Is #1 On Maxim’s Top 100 [PHOTOS]


This caps and confirms her long road to hotness

Legal hotness that is. The good wholesome folks over at Disney did their best to sell sex to tweens using Miley as “Hannah Montana.” Mature dudes over the age of 18 understood this ploy, so we took the “I hate that bitch” stance we took with Britney Spears until she turned 18.

But since she turned 18, Miley’s become pretty cool by Hollywood standards. She smoked salvia, smacked some stripper booty, and she chopped off her hair and proved she can rock a punk look pretty well.

The Maxim photos aren’t up yet, but you can check out one Miley leaked on Instagram, plus some others that are just damn hot.

via USA Today

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