You’d Better Be Psyched For Nets Vs. Bulls Game 7 [VIDEO]

Since both teams are better at beating themselves, Game 7 tonight should be embarrassingly awesome

The video above shows the highlights of Game 6 of the Brooklyn Nets vs. the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night in Chicago. Tonight they go into Game 7 back in Brooklyn, after the Nets, the #4 seed, came back from 3-1 in the opening round of the NBA playoffs.

If both teams play tonight the way they played on Thursday, they both deserve to lose, but it will be entertaining as hell to watch anyway.
Two Bulls, Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson, fouled out in the fourth quarter, but Brooklyn forgot how to sink free throws, so it was a wash.

Despite that stupidity, both teams played with intensity, and it feels like Joakim Noah and Brook Lopez could get into a full-on tall guy fight any minute.

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