Say Hello To The Woman Who Tracked Down Her Ex-Boyfriend Of 10 Years And Demanded The $20 He Owed Her

Carol Ann Mansfield, 44, was simply trying to collect a debt from her 53-year-old ex-boyfriend when he apparently had enough of having a discussion about the matter on his porch called the cops. And having a discussion I of course mean her yelling bats*ittingly into the night and refusing to leave until she got her money.

Hey, $20 is $20. Can’t fault Carol Ann for trying to collect what she claims is rightfully hers. Should the man have just paid her the amount to have her go away? Maybe. But if he did he would’ve given her the upper hand in the breakup, and you never, ever leave a relationship as the weak one if you can control the circumstances. Manhood 101.

Oh, and Mansfield was served with four outstanding warrants with charges including; third-degree criminal mischief, three counts of first-degree criminal trespassing, eight counts of second-degree failing to appear in court, use of a motor vehicle without permission, three counts of probation violation and second-degree threatening. Maybe she should have just let the $20 slide.

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