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Drunk Reese Witherspoon Shows Who Wears The Pants In Her Relationship During Husband’s DUI [VIDEO]


Women. Always making things more complicated than it needs to be. Even Reese’s husband wanted the entire time to say “Shut the f*ck up bitch!” while she was going all “I’m an American citizen” on the officer’s ass. Which, by the way, doesn’t really matter what nationality you are if you’re breaking the law, even if you do say “Do not arrest me!”

Her husband, talent agent Jim Toth, knew not to say anything to Reese on a rampage because he knows that if he did she would cut off his allowance and put his balls in a jar, assuming that they aren’t already which they probably are. You don’t mess with an Oscar winning, A-list actress unless you have plenty of time to get your battle plan ready in advance. Jimmy Toth probably still got whipped when they got home and she saw on the tape he threw her under the bus after she got put in the cop car. Man’s probably on dish duty and is required by her to sit down when he pisses for the rest of his life. RIP Jim.

COED Writer