Someone Created A ‘Thor’ Hammer That Can Produce 80,000 Volts of Electricity And Visit from the FBI [VIDEO]


Not all comic book fans may admit it to others or even themselves but deep down, they all want to be some kind of superhero. It doesn’t even matter if fate offered them a chance to be their favorite or share their unique powers. They would all jump at the chance to have just half of what Aquaman can do, even if it’s just the ability to talk to fish.

One clever hacker decided he was tired of waiting for a radioactive animal bite or a horrific government experiment to transform him into one of Earth’s mightiest mortals so he built a “super-tool” instead.

Caleb Kraft, the man behindĀ Hackaday, built himself Thor’s mighty hammer. Not only does it looked like the real thing but it can also produce the mighty electric punch that Thor’s hammer packs every time he swipes it across some poor henchman’s mush in the heat of battle.

He accomplished this by sticking a Tesla-coil in the head of the hammer so it can shoot 80,000 volts of lightning. It’s so powerful that it actually melted some of the “blue insulation board” he used to make it in an earlier design. It’s so cool looking and powerful that he’s either about to get a visit from some secret government agency founded to protect the world from Earth gobbling invaders or the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

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