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The Google Glasses Will Let You Take a Picture By Winking, Make Looking at Pretty Women Even More Awkward


We’ve been getting new and exciting news about Google’s revolutionary sounding and looking “Google Glass” that basically let you wear a smartphone on your face. We sort of already do that with all the headsets and time we spend on the damn things but in this case, the “wearing them on your face” part is intentional.

The latest news brings word on their camera capabilities and a new app that’s being developed just for the special glasses will basically turn our eyes into makeshift cameras.

“Winky” (not one of the rejected “Seven Dwarves” who has a problem keeping it in his pants) does just what it sounds like it would do (no, it doesn’t involve your pants). The app allows you to take and save pictures that you take with the special glasses simply by winking to activate the shutter and take a quick shot of whatever happens to be in your field of vision.

Mike DiGiovanni, the app’s developer, said that not having to use your fingers or even your voice to take a picture will allow the user to stay in the moment and capture exactly what they see when they see it. We sort of have something like that already called our “memory” but this is still pretty cool.

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