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Beyonce’s Backstage Tour Demands List For Each Venue Seem Reasonable


And by reasonable I of course mean the bitchiest stuff that even the Queen of the Universe could be hesitant asking for.

Some of the requests Beyonce is making for her Mrs Carter Show World Tour include: 69.8 degree alkaline water, $900 titanium straws to drink that water, no junk food, snacks must include glass platters of almonds and oatcakes, a strict green-only policy when it comes to salad bar nibbles, freshly painted white walls, a new toilet seat and solely red toilet paper.

Yes, Beyonce is too good to wipe her ass with anything but toilet paper colored red. Guess it’ll hide the anger blood better when she sh*ts out pure hatred when her bottled water eclipses 70 degrees.

Oh, and everyone in contact with her must wear only 100 percent cotton clothing in her presence.

Wouldn’t surprise me now that Beyonce went full diva if Jay-Z has 100 problems.

COED Writer