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The Top 10 Best Beers Your Girlfriend Will Actually Like


Whether you are in a long term relationship or she is just some random one-night-stand-turned-into-3-month chick, the most dangerous question a dude can be asked is any question in which you have to offer your opinion. “Does this dress make me look fat? “Is is cold outside?” “What should I eat?” Are all questions that are bound to get you kicked in the nuts or, at the very least, single. [lead images via Shutterstock]

But every dude has been there before and had the following conversation, “What are you drinking tonight” (which we only ask because we want to know how hopped up she will get so we can gauge the likelihood of playing a game called “Backdoor Poker”) and she replies, “Umm… I don’t know? What are you drinking?” To which we give the obvious answer, “Beer.” She then says, “I think I’ll have beer too.”

Now is when the real problem starts; what beer should your lady drink? Odds are she will want to sample every beer on tap and odds are even greater that her indecisiveness will piss you off and you two will have a huge fight at the bar. But worry no more good readers! In hopes of saving your nuts and relationship, here are the Professor’s Top 10 Best Beers Your Girlfriend Will Actually Like!

COED Writer