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The Official Mint Julep Recipe From Jim Beam’s Grandson, Frederick Noe III


Two years ago, COED was invited to try out the new-at-the-time Jim Beam product Devil’s Cut and Red Stag. There to talk about the two bottles was none other than Frederick Noe III–Jim Beam’s grandson, official distiller, and ambassador for the Jim Beam brand.

After answering more questions than he probably cared to field, one reporter actually sacked up and asked Fred a good question that involved neither Red Stag or Devil’s Cut. “How does an established southern gentleman like yourself make a mint julep?” Jim Beam’s a Kentucky Bourbon, so the question wasn’t entirely out of line.

As soon as Fred opened his mouth, I knew I had to start taking notes. Here’s what I can decipher from my iPhone. Yes, I’ve kept the same phone for two years (humblebrag).

• 1 Part Sugar, One Part Water

• Melt the simple syrup in a pan with mint

• Strain the mixture

• Add a lighter bourbon

• Use crushed ice

• Serve in metal cups

I know they’re not entirely specific in terms of amounts (with exception to the sugar/water) but the benefit to using this tried-and-true method is that you don’t actually need to muddle anything. Also, I know that metal cups aren’t in everyone’s cabinets but the reason Fred suggested them was because they keep the drink much colder. I forget why he specified crushed ice, but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that too.

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