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Say Hello To A Man Who Had 99 Cent Store Shower Gel Almost Melt Off His Nuts


Nothing like trying to clean your balls in the shower but instead feeling like you just teabagged Rogue from XMEN.

Self employed carpet cleaner Raymond Cuss, 42, was left screaming in agony after using a 99 cent store shower gel that he claims burned his testicles. He described the pain being so excruciating it caused him to grimace and bend over whenever his underwear simply brushed the affected area.

The consensus is chemicals from his cleaning supplies somehow mixed with the cheap shower gel to make his testicals spontaneously combust. Cuss was awarded an out of court cash settlement for his pain and mental anguish.

Little does he know this was a blessing in disguise. Whatever doesn’t melt your nuts makes them stronger.

  • COED Writer