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I Don’t Often Celebrate Dos De Mayo, But When I Do, It’s Tomorrow [VIDEO]


Cinqo de Mayo is one of the best holidays in the calendar. Beer, tequila, moustache rides. What’s not to love? Unfortunately in 2013, there’s one thing. The day it falls on. This year, May 5th is on a Sunday. And while no one loves to Funday more than the staff here at COED, getting to work on a Monday is hard enough. Doing it while smelling like a drunk burrito is next to impossible.

Luckily, our friend The Most Interesting Man In The World from Dos Equis has a solution. Instead of celebrating on a Sunday, he proposes that everyone parties tomorrow, on “Dos de Mayo.”

We’re all for it. Our fridge is already stocked with XX.

Yes that’s me, Wyatt. No, I don’t get to wear that robe every day–it’s for special occasions only.

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