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Even If The New Star Wars Movies Suck, At Least John Williams Is Returning For The Soundtrack


There is a lot of natural trepidation about bringing Star Wars VIII to the big screen because it’s such an iconic and beloved movie franchise and the prequels still make a lot of fans wish they didn’t have eyes.

J.J. Abrams, the insane genius behind Lost and the new Star Trek movies, has officially taken over the next film now that George Lucas sold his rights to the franchise to Disney. He has assured the fans that he will be as faithful as he can to the movie’s long and storied history and it seems he’s taking steps to back up his promise unlike anyone else who has ever worked for the Hollywood dream crushing machine.

According to Ain’t It Cool News, Abrams said at a press conference for “Star Trek Into Darkness” that he’s already planning to bring back one of the pioneering people who worked on the original “Star Wars” film for “Star Wars VIII.” This time, he’s talking about John Williams, the composer who conducted the original Star Wars score along with countless other iconic film series including Indiana JonesSupermanJaws and Jurassic Park.

The average person might not be able to tell the difference when they hear the all-too familiar “Star Wars” theme burst out of the theater’s speakers but it’s a small but promising sign of things to come for the fans with dogs ears who can pick up Williams’ familiar cadence in a crowded stadium. However, as soon as we hear the words “Jar Jar” or “Ewok,” we’re out.

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