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Consider Yourself Warned: Jon Stewart is Taking a Leave of Absence from ‘The Daily Show’


Jon Stewart, the long time host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” has become more than just a funny voice screaming in the night at the dunderheads of the day. He has truly become one of the most trusted names and faces in all of news, which should tell you something about the quality and the state of serious news shows.

In fact, he’s been on our screens for so long and delivered so many punishing blows to dunderheads like Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Harry Reid and just about anyone who ever appeared on Fox News with some of the world’s most biting satire that it’s unfathomable to imagine a world where we know he won’t be on our TV. Get read to know what that world is like.

Stewart is taking a leave of absence from the show this summer starting on June 10, according to a press release issued by the network. We’re still in capable hands thanks to another sharp satire slinger named “John.” Correspondent and comedian John Oliver will take over for Stewart as the show’s host and he assured the fans that “it’s still going to everything that you love about ‘The Daily Show,’ just without the thing that you love the most about it.”

The reason for Stewart’s absence also makes the news extra special. He’s actually directing a movie. He’ll be shooting a serious film called “Rosewater” based on the book by Mazir Bahari, a journalist who spent four long months as a prisoner in an Iranian jail where he was brutally interrogated by a man “whose only identifying characteristic was that he smelled of rosewater.” Even though it’s a serious film, it still sounds super-exciting and if Stewart can promise us that he’ll find a way to work in his brilliant Glenn Beck impression into the narrative, we’ll buy our opening day tickets right now.

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