Rockstar Games Overdoses Us with Three Awesome Trailers for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ [VIDEO]

Rockstar Games’ fans shouldn’t really be called “fans.” They should be called “addicts.”

The makers of gritty hits like “LA Noire,” “The Warriors” and “Red Dead Redemption” have developed such a unique style of gameplay and story that they have the ability to jump out of the screen and hook themselves into the biggest vein in your arm. They crawl around your bloodstream and just make you crave more of whatever they are offering. If gaming somehow finds a way to deliver their product intravenously, Rockstar Games would be the black tar heroin of interactive entertainment.

Case in point: the “Grand Theft Auto” series. Ever since the groundbreaking “Grand Theft Auto III” gave parents one more reason to start boarding up their windows, gamers have been aching for details about the newest sequels and Rockstar always seems to know when to hold back and let the withdrawal symptoms build and when to give them a hit of awesome sauce.

Today, Rockstar finally let their fans have a taste of the good stuff by releasing three trailers within a trailer for “Grand Theft Auto V,” the newest open world crime drama set in the streets of a Los Angeles-esque metropolis. This time, players will get to control three protagonists and let them run loose in a world with almost no consequences for their actions and where anything goes as long as the cops can’t see you.

The new characters including a wealthy family man with “Breaking Bad-esque” identity issues named Michael, a gangbanger with dreams of making a normal life name Franklin and a total loose cannon with abandonment and dependency issues named Trevor. You’ll have to wait until Sept. 17 to experience a full-on hit of “GTA V.”

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