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Nathan Fielder Screws Over More Kids By Taking His Drug Prank Even Further


The star of Comedy Central’s faux-business advice show got a bunch of easily-amused college kids in trouble last week. He challenged his Twitter followers to prank their parents by pretending to send them a drug dealing price text and immediately text back “Sorry ignore that text. Not for you.”

It’s clear that Nathan Fielder knows he got a lot of people in trouble who just wanted to have a little fun at their parents’ expense. That’s why he used the moment to get them in trouble all over again and turn the prank on the very same people who were dumb enough to do what he said in the first place.

Fielder posted a follow-up message on his Twitter account offering to atone for his little stunt. It included a phone number that parents could call so he could personally explain to them that it was all just a big joke and that their children aren’t amateur Tony Montanas.

Unfortunately, the parents never got to talk to Fielder. All they got was a recorded message (below).

Mark my words. Based on this prank, Fielder will either become one of TV’s greatest pranksters or a multi-conglomerate, corporately backed supervillain albeit with a very un-intimidating voice.

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