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Hot Sports Reporter Kelly Nash Takes The Greatest Self-Portrait Ever


Before we even begin, I’m just gonna come out and say that Kelly Nash did not get naked. OK. Moving forward.

We all clog up each other’s Facebook pages and Instagram accounts with egotistical self-portraits of our daily adventures whether it’s a visit to a ball park or a concert or a shot of our “bed head” hair shaped to look like a swan.

Occasionally, a self-portrait comes along that stops us in our tracks and forces us to ponder the beauty and awesome spectacles that life has to offer if we actually stop and take the time to enjoy it. But enough about Christina Hendricks

The picture in question this time didn’t involve accidental nip-slips or super hot celebrities’ phones being hacked. The cute face in question actually took the picture herself and it’s a doozy even though it involves no nudity or loss of good judgment. Kelly Nash, a Sun Sports reporter who covers the Tampa Bay Rays, snapped a picture of herself on her cell phone standing atop the famed “Green Monster” at Boston’s Fenway Park before an away game. She checked her phone and noticed an object in the background just a few inches away from her lightly quaffed hair: a baseball.

Apparently, the teams were at batting practice as she was in the stands and she never noticed the ball whizzing by her head until she took the photos. She heard someone scream “Heads up!” but didn’t see or hear any of the balls land near her so she was quite shocked to see one of the balls flying by her in the photo. We would make an inappropriate “balls” joke but our brains are still recovering from the shock levels that the photo produced. Plus, we’re just relieved that no one was hurt. That’s right, Internet. Watching someone not get hurt can be entertaining as well.

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