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You Shouldn’t Laugh At This, But… [VIDEO]


At least laughing at a motorcycle crashing into regular bikes is more acceptable than laughing at a car crash into a couple Power Wheels toys

If there were an adult driving the car and kids riding the Power Wheels, that is.

However, there’re three reasons this is OK to watch and laugh:

1) No one got seriously hurt, so we’re not laughing at anyone who can’t walk ever again.

2) If you had any illusions about the safety of bicycling on roads meant for motor vehicles, this should hopefully shatter them. Biking is fun and great exercise, but if you want to use a bicycle on a highway, move to Holland.

3) When it comes to watching a crash in slow motion, everyone becomes a scientist. This is educational, and you’re only laughing at parts that are really educational.

via YouTube

COED Writer