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Are You Ready For Robot Hell? [VIDEOS]


This rad 3D animator took a classic song from “Futurama” and injected some steroids into it

“Mister Mulluc” says he studies physics in England and does animation on the side. He’s awesome, but you know what’s more awesome? The fact that one dude is capable of this quality of 3D animation now. Check out his channel for other animations he’s done, ostensibly by himself. If he had help, that’s still cool. Odds are he didn’t have the money that Pixar has.

The more democratic the process of making 3D animation, the faster we’ll get high quality feature length 3D animated movies that don’t have to be family friendly so studios can make sure they recoup their investment. No doubt, there’s 3D porn swimming around, but it’s not great, and we’d prefer to see a badass action movie franchise like “Predator” or “Alien” throw its hat in the 3D ring.

via YouTube

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