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World’s Most Dedicated Pizza Delivery Driver Still Delivers After Carjacking


Pizza delivery should definitely be on the list of mankind’s least appreciated jobs. Sure they don’t extinguish oil fires or lead ground assaults into third world dictators’ heavily fortified palaces but they have their own unique struggles that make them hours to communities around the world.

They brave searing heat from hot ovens and long hours on their feet in a job that doesn’t even provide enough to purchase the most minimum levels of health insurance. They venture into the night through neighborhoods regardless of their crime levels or driving conditions. They bring pleasing nourishments to those who need it and the extremely stoned who forgot to make a pre-pot munchie run.

One very determined pizza delivery driver in Atlanta, Georgia exemplifies the spirit and respect that these proud pie purveyors have and deserve. He wouldn’t let the fact that his car was stolen stop him from bringing his pizza to its final destination, according to the AP.

The unidentified Papa John’s Pizza delivery driver was en route to a home when two men with guns ordered him out of the car at gunpoint. The two suspects fled the scene and the driver delivered his pizza before he called police to report the crime. We hope that the pizza’s purchasers and his employer gave him an extra big tip and raise because he damn well deserves it and not in free pizza. Getting delivery chain pizza as a “thank you” meal doesn’t even cover helping a friend move.

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