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“Nathan for You’s” Nathan Fielder Gets His Twitter Fans To Give Parents A Collective Aneurism


You really should be watching or recording Comedy Central’s “Nathan For You” if you aren’t already. The Canadian comedian turned business advocate has pulled off some insane pranks and stunts in his time from convincing a frozen yogurt store to sell a “poo” flavored yogurt to turning a struggling haunted house attraction into one that delivers scares by making its customers think that they may actually die. Mark my words, Nathan Fielder will save our economy even if we all have to die to make it happen.

Now it appears he’s no longer content with just ruining people’s lives through television. He’s turned to the awesome power of Twitter to expand the reach of his Midas touch.

According to Gawker, Fielder asked his Twitter followers @nathanfielder to send a text message to their parents that read “got 2 grams for $40” and immediately follow it with another text that said “Sorry ignore that txt.” A ton of college kids were willing to give their parents a coronary shock for their amusement. Fielder got a ton of screenshots of text messages from angry and bewildered parents whose children are officially no longer part of their trust funds.

We collected some of our favorites into the gallery below for your twisted amusement, you sick motherf#*$er you.

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