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Future Supervillain Kid Invents a Robot That Can Commit a Misdemeanor


Uncle Ben famously told Peter Parker in Spider Man┬áthat “With great power comes great responsibility.” That means we all have gifts and talents whether its lightning-fast reading comprehension or the ability to make objects explode with our minds but the true measure of those talents isn’t how well we use them or how they improve our lives. It’s who and what we use them for and how we use them.

If that truth holds any weight, then this kid could very well be the next Dr. Evil, Dr. Hugo Strange and the doctor who invented the T-1000 all rolled into one.

An unidentified, French-speaking YouTuber named Ioduremetallique has a unique ability to construct and program machines to do his bidding but one machine stood out in the collective eye of the Internet.

He constructed a claw wielding robot that can fit into the bottom flap of a vending machine, the kind that dispenses goodies through a coin-activated wire and moves items forward after each purchase. Then he demonstrates how his creation can be used to take a can of soda without having to drop a dime in the machine. So he’s basically trained his robot to commit evil. It’s a small evil, but an evil nonetheless.

At this rate, he’ll have some kind of globe destroying death ray on his to-do list and we’ll all just be bags of easily reachable peanuts that he can pluck off the planet and throw into space at will.

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