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College Football Fan Explains The Best Way To Sneak Vacuum Sealed Liquor Into Games [PICS]


There are lots of methods for sneaking booze into events, from the ol’ “unopened bottle” to the “I’m stuffing this into my pants leg and walking around like a constipated grandad.” The problem with most of these methods though are that at this point in time, they’re kind of obvious. Security guards have seen it all.

That’s why it’s time for you need to switch it up from hard containers to soft ones. Redditor /inviscidfluid┬áhas suggested an ingenious method that’s very cheap and practically foolproof.┬áCheck out the easy 12-step process (not to be confused with that other 12 step process) in the gallery below. Then just buy a small soft cooler, fill it with mixers, and laugh to yourself as the security guard inspects you with a bewildered face, never knowing that the real booze is hidden in your socks.

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