‘This is The End’ Cast Kicks Off Their Publicity Whirlwind With A College Appearance Snub

The summer movie season can be the most competitive and brutal season for the film industry. Multimillion dollar films can either help studios chiefs reach new levels of untapped power or find a new career in the drive-thru food industry.

Naturally, there’s a lot riding on these movies and the tiniest bit of bad news can send one of them swirling towards the financial drain and straight into the $1 DVD discount bin at Wal-Mart. For instance, this summer will see the premiere of an interesting comedy about the end of the world with big names like Seth Rogen, Danny McBride and James Franco playing themselves as they deal with the mother of all armageddons. The studio also kicked off an early promotion by flying out the cast to make a personal appearance at one lucky college campus where they were supposed to shake hands with the students, sign a zillion autographs and use their star power to hit on the school’s hottest females.

Well, that’s what we would do if we were them (and some of us are halfway there since I already look like Jonah Hill). According to a reddit user, that didn’t happen. An unidentified University of California-Santa Barbara student posted a series of pictures of the event and described how things went awry.

The student wrote that they were promised by email from the contest organizers that every student who waited in line to meet the cast would get an autograph. Naturally, a rather large crowd formed with posters and tickets in hand but the cast reportedly showed up an hour late. Then when they finally made it and started signing autographs, they got to “maybe 1/4 (sic) of the people who showed up, the rest waited 3 and a half hours in the sun for nothing.”

Man, where’s a gun toting, order spouting, weak male emasculating Emma Watson when you need her the most?

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