Lights Out From The Auburn Spring Game [VIDEO]

Should this vicious hit have happened? Maybe, or maybe not. On one hand, it’s spring ball. You have a civil war between players and, in the end, you’re all on the same team. Obviously nobody wants to get anyone else injured.

On the other hand, it’s spring ball. It’s every player’s biggest shot to show the coaches what they can do to put themselves in a position to be starting come fall. That means balls to the walls at all time, especially for the fringe players.

On your third hand (use your imagination, ladies), it’s football. It’s difficult for some people to adjust going all out in effort to not hit someone as hard as they can. If the defensive player here slowed up or changed what he was doing, he might have missed the tackle all together. Also, 100000% the outside receiver’s fault for not getting a hand on the cornerback. If the defensive player’s trajectory gets thrown off for a little bit then the receiver might actually be able to sleep through the night this evening without being woken up on the hour every hour.

Consensus: You know the risks when you play, no matter if it’s an intersquad scrimmage or the Super Bowl.

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