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This Asian Subway Rider Getting ‘Rail Head’ Isn’t Fooling Anyone [VIDEO]


Every guy gets the excitement of having sex in public places. It might be illegal and even just morally wrong but that just makes even more exciting and increases our want to do it even more. It’s like when your mom tells you not to jump on the bed.

This subway rider, however, really needs to reread a dictionary because he doesn’t understand the meaning of the word “discreet.”

He and his girlfriend or wife are riding the Kaohsiung Metro in Taiwan and it’s very clear that the girl is, um, “operating his drive shaft” under his coat. Either that or she’s the world’s most subservient girlfriend by acting as his human book stand.

It also doesn’t help that he has trouble staying awake when the girl comes up for air and possibly a mint. Then again, he could have been reading the new Dan Brown novel.

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