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Silicone Barware Makes Getting Smashed Safe and Clean


I’d like to meet the genius who came up with the idea of easily breakable bar glasses. Good money says they were behind the conspiracy known as Prohibition.

Finally, however, someone’s come up a smart solution to a serious problem by releasing a new line of unbreakable barware.

These bar-grade glasses are all made from silicone and are virtually impossible to break if you accidentally drop them, throw them or try to smash them against someone’s skull for daring to look at your best girl’s rack for more than a second.

They aren’t as cheap as traditional martini and highball glasses ($20 for 2 glasses). However, since you won’t have to constantly replace them because of your friends inability to hold onto anything once drunk (especially their dignity), they’re what’s known as “invaluable.” Welcome to adulthood.

  • COED Writer
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