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Will Ferrell and Jack Black’s Next Movie is About A Massive Game of ‘Tag’


If you had a high paying corporate gig that allowed you to access the world’s most exclusive golf clubs and fuel-sucking private jets and write off both as part of some bizarre tax loophole, how would you spend your free time? Using your money to better mankind? Put your personal stockpile of wealth to work to feed your bizarre sexual appetite? Some of the world’s biggest executives chose something even more bizarre and now Hollywood is making a movie about it.

The Wrap reported that Will Ferrell and Jack Black will star together in a movie called “Tag Brothers” about a group of classmates who take a schoolyard game of “Tag” or “It,” as we called it, into their adult lives. Believe it or not, it’s based on a true story.

Reporter Russell Adams exposed the epic, cross country game in a recent story published in the Wall Street Journal. This group of best buds played the game in the mornings before class as they grew up together in Spokane, Wash. Then as they grew older and held various reunions after moving to different parts of the country, they decided to expand the game. Every February, they are allowed to chase and tag each other to avoid being the last person who is “It” at the end of the month and for the rest of the year until February comes along again. They are allowed to travel and chase the person to where ever they may go to tag them out and they even drew up and signed a charter with by-laws establishing the game. Apparently, the game has lasted more than 23 years.

Some of the participants include a Nordstrom chief marketing officer and a high-priced attorney who stalk each other like hunters tracking a 10-point buck and waiting for the perfect moment to pounce. The participants have flown from coast to coast to set up their big tags and one even hid in the trunk of a car to tag his friend, only to startle his wife so badly that she fell and tore a ligament in her leg. The only comforting thought I have about this is that none of them work for the Pentagon.

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