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Seventh Woods Is Only 14 And Is Already Better Than Anybody Playing For The Bobcats [VIDEO]


SEVENTH. WOODS. Not only is he the best player for his age in the world he may have the best name in human history.

The 6’2 freshman makes mincemeat out of his fellow high school players and looks even better than LeBron “The Chosen One” James did when he was Seventh’s age. If it doesn’t come out that Seventh is indeed 21-years-old you can bet the bank John Calipari from Kentucky is already illegally funding Woods’ family in some fashion. Granted, he’s only 6’2 which is relatively small in the NBA world, but you can only imagine how much more dominant Seventh (can’t stop loving that name) is going to be in 5 years when he is draft eligible.


  • COED Writer