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Packers’ Jermichael Finley Learns That Hell Hath No Fury Than a Woman with a Twitter Account Scorned


The hilariously tragic Manti Te’o debacle taught athletes that social media can earn them more
unwanted media attention than a dumpster full of dead hookers. Now it seems that even those
athletes who don’t use their Twitter accounts for egotistical, self-serving ego aren’t safe from
incurring its digital wrath.

Take, for instance, Green Bay Packers tight end Jermichael Finley who actually earned some
favorable publicity by vowing to donate money to help with Boston’s recovery efforts “for every
dropped pass and touchdown he records this season,” according to Deadspin.

The tide of good news turned bad twice as fast after his ex-girlfriend/baby mamma made some
damning allegations of his deadbeat dad-ishness. Chelsie Bellisle claimed on a Twitter account
that he refused to pay child support to her and smashed a phone during a fight and she planned to
press charges.

Finley and his current wife have not come forward to address or acknowledge the allegations.
It should also be noted that the Twitter account in question has been taken down since the news
broke. Besides, we don’t weep for Finley as much as we weep for the whole of humanity. Is this
really the best use of one of the most important communication and information delivery tools of
our time…like giving us more free porn and a Sofia Vergara sex tape? Get on it, Internet!

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