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5 Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Less “Crazy”


Every guy has dated a crazy girl at some point in his life

Some guys claim that dating that crazy girl taught them all kinds of sex tricks they could then use in their normal relationships. Other guys refuse to go into a Starbucks out of fear they might get a cup of hot coffee thrown at them for looking at another girl’s ass for a second. If you’re dating or plan to date a crazy chick in the near future, here’s some tips for how to deal with her craziness.

Don’t call her crazy

Call her emotionally unstable, unbalanced, or in need of help. These are softer terms than crazy, and she might actually go get help if she’s told she needs it. “Crazy” people feel like they’re beyond help.

Stop having sex with her

If you actually like her and want to stay with her…if she weren’t so nutso that is, then you should withhold sex from her until she deals with her s**t. If you don’t want to withhold sex, see item #5: “Break up with her”

Destroy her evil friends

If she’s got especially c**ty friends, then she’s probably slowly being driven insane by them. The more judgmental they are, the more she lives in fear. Hire as many homeless people as possible to hit on her friends as often as possible, don’t tell your girlfriend, and watch her confidence grow and her craziness cool off as she watches her friends get taken down a peg or two.

Destroy her evil family

If her mom or dad gave her such a hard time growing up that she’s a complete mess now, they need to be messed with. She needs to see them as fallible so she can calm the funk down. Try sneaking onto their lawn late at night and plant several marijuana plants. Then call the cops and tell them that you saw them growing some suspicious looking plants. If possible, leave as many joints as you can scattered around their house when you go to there with your girlfriend to make it harder for them to tell the police that someone must have framed them.

Break up with her

If all else fails, it’s cruel to stay with a crazy girl. Just leave her. There’s plenty of other fish in the sea, crazy and sane.

  • COED Writer