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Will Sasso’s Ten Best Vine Videos


Vine is Twitter’s latest addition – a six-second video sharing app, and it might have been a flash in the pan if it weren’t for the insanity that is Will Sasso. You might have seen Sasso on “Mad TV” or the Farrelly Brothers’ reboot of “The Three Stooges,” but if you’ve seen those, you haven’t seen Will Sasso. Dude was born to make six second videos, so Vine is Sasso’s paradise. Here’s our ten favorite of his Vine videos, but if you want more, check out the rest of them here.

Suit And Tie

Will likes to watch music videos and ruin them with singing voice, like with this Justin Timberlake vide. We approve.

Everyone At The Gas Station Is Bill Cosby

Just when we thought Bill Cosby impressions were tired, the spazziness of Sasso’s impression brings them back to life.

Fast Food And Lemons

Will has a thing about lemons. Puking up whole lemons. This might be the funniest thing on the entire internet right now.

Hulk Hogan Wants To Know What Will’s Doing Tonight

He kind of looks like Hank from “Breaking Bad” in this video, doesn’t he?

The Odd Couple

If you even mention lemons, lemons will appear in the most disgusting way possible.

Some Guy Named Corey

This is Will’s original character, Corey, who’s a gross, tough redneck. There’s plenty more of these on his Vine page.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Driving

Tired of Schwarzenegger impressions? Don’t worry, this one’s only six seconds long. And it’s awesome.

Robert De Niro Ordering Chinese Food

The best part of this is when he makes fun of himself for even doing this impression.

Mumford And Sons

Will’s mom appears in several videos, and this is one of the few in which she’s speaking English. In some videos, they’ll just have a conversation in Italian.

Taylor Swift Remix

Sasso’s a smart man. He knows Swift sounds like a goat, so he cuts up her video with one of a goat.

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