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Which Stoner From ‘Half Baked’ Are You?


In honor of 420 this weekend, we thought we’d give you an insight into the the type of pothead you might be .

It’s hard to argue that there’s a better movie about weed than Half Baked.┬áMovies like How High┬árelied too much on the “isn’t this funny ‘cuz we’re rappers” factor, while the Harold and Kumar┬áseries was funny but just not that funny. What makes Half Baked a cut above (besides the fact that some of the funniest comedians of the ’90s starred in it) was that it treated the weed lifestyle realistically, especially in big cities like New York.

One thing you might have noticed if you’re a smoker, is that you can relate with some or all of the characters in the movie. If you haven’t already made the connection, maybe it’s time to take a look at which stoner from Half Baked best represents you.

Note: we left off the Sir Smokes-A-Lot, the teenager, his dad, and his grandma because you’re probably like none of them.

  • COED Writer