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Watch This Japanese Dude Filter Water Out Of Coca Cola Then Drink It [VIDEO]


We love this technology so goddamn much

If you watch this video the whole way through, you’ll see that when this Japanese dude, let’s call him Steve, so when Steve drinks the water he’s filtered out of the Coca Cola, he kind of winces. Then Steve says something in Japanese that we can’t understand, so we have no idea if he was wincing because it tasted like normal water or just nasty flat coke.

All we know is we love that technology and the comments under the video, for example, Sh4k4lul’s nugget: “GOOD THING I SEARCHED FOR 【ろ過ってスゴイ】コーラを無色透明にして飲んでみた! 気になるお味は?”

via YouTube

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