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This Is Your Last Chance To Win An iPad Mini


You know what would make your weekend plans a lot cooler? An iPad Mini. For this week’s DraftKings fantasy draft, we’re giving away one iPad Mini to the winner. Here’s how.

Like we’ve mentioned before DraftKings is your opportunity to play daily fantasy sports for CASH. And since daily fantasy sports are considered by the government to be a “game of skill,” this is your best chance of turning your wealth of baseball knowledge into real-world wealth you can actually spend. Because unlike your friends who never pay you, DraftKings credits your account immediately and ensures that the payouts are easy and secure.


Here are the rules for this week:

• Entrance is $11, but you can enter twice

• You get a virtual $50,000 salary to spend on your 10-man roster (2 P, 3 OF)

• This contest is only open to 40 people

• Grand Prize: 1 iPad Mini.

• 2nd Place-5th Place: $10

• 6th Place-10th Place: $5

• Lobby opens 4/17. Games begin 4/19.

This week, we’ve got special guest Miss COED of the Year Megan Retzlaff playing along with us. Do you have what it takes to beat a girl when it comes to baseball knowledge?

What are you waiting for? Sign up our DraftKings, the fastest and most exciting way to play Fantasy Baseball, game here.

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