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“American Pie’s” Eddie Kaye Thomas Had an Awful Sexual Encounter That Could Rival Those in the “American Pie” Movies


The cast of characters in the endless stream of the “American Pie” movies may have
had some awkward sexual experiences with baked goods, super glue and sprinkled
pubes on a wedding cake but at least those moments didn’t require flashbang grenades.

Unfortunately for Eddie Kaye Thomas who played Finch in all four of the theatrically
released “American Pie” movies, he had just such an experience and before you ask,
no, he didn’t try to f#*$& a flashbang grenade.

The Los Angeles Times reported that an unidentified woman had to be dragged out of
Thomas’ Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday after spending a night with the actor.

According to the report, the woman refused to leave the house and eventually pulled a
knife on the poor guy and proceeded to wreck his house. Thankfully, he was able to get
out safely without sustaining any physical injuries and called police. The situation got so
heated that responding officers had to call in a fully armed SWAT team to get her out of
the house. The LA Times reported that flashbang grenades and tear gas had to be used
to extricate her from the building.

Some guys say that the crazier a girl is, the better she is in the sack. If that’s the case,
then we wouldn’t want to be Eddie Kaye Thomas right now. That is one tough “Would
You Rather?” question for any guy to answer.

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