Guess Who May Be Making a Super Special Surprise Guest Spot on “The Office” Finale?

If you’re bummed that NBC’s “The Office” is drawing to a close (and no one is more
bummed than NBC since it’s the only mildly watchable program they have left in primetime if you don’t count that super hot Carl’s Jr. commercial with Heidi Klum pulling a “Graduate” on someone), at least you’ll have this to look forward to in the end.

When Steve Carell aka Michael Scott left the show, rumors started circulating that plans
were being made to include him in the series’ eventual finale but some of the show’s top people including executive producer Greg Daniels denied it. Now as the finale inches ever closer, those rumors have started up all over again.

The interesting part, according to TVLine’s Michael Ausiello, is that this time, no one
seems to be confirming or denying rumors regarding Carell’s triumphant return for the final episode.

It still may or may not happen but it would be nice if the former face of “The Office”
made one final hurrah before “The Office” becomes just another footnote in the annals of television history along with shows like “Cheers,” “Seinfeld” and eventually NBC if they don’t put something good on soon.

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