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Virginia’s Attorney General Blows His Big Chance To Make Oral Sex Illegal


The debate over same-sex marriage may have divided some pockets of the nation but at least we can all agree that we’re thankful we don’t live in Virginia.

Of course, that’s not so good for the residents of Virginia whose State Attorney General actually tried to enforce an outdated sodomy law for all of Virginia’s citizenry. That’s right, ALL of its citizens (including homosexual and heterosexual couples). We’d say that we’d like to see him try and enforce such a stupid and clearly unconstitutional law but given his obsession with what people doing in the privacy of their own bedrooms, we’re sure that’s just part of his secret plan to make everyone’s lives miserable.

AG Ken Cuccinelli actually tried to enact the statute in order to convict one 47-year-old guy convicted of soliciting sodomy from a 17-year-old. A higher court ruled unanimously that the statue was unconstitutional.

Cuccinelli said in a statement that his decision was meant to only focus on this one case, even though it technically affects every couple in the state regardless of their age, marital status or sexual orientation.

We’re not suggesting that Cuccinelli shouldn’t have gone after a guy for trying to solicit an underage girl but doing it at the expense of all of Virginia’s law-abiding citizens over something that’s none of anybody’s business is more than a bit drastic. After all, isn’t the state of Virginia “for lovers”?

He’s lucky that Bill Clinton isn’t sitting in the Oval Office right now. If he tried to pass this under “The First Black President”, Cuccinelli would be on the Guantanamo Bay detainee list faster than you can say “opening oral arguments.”

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