The Sexiest Active MMA Ring Girls [PHOTOS]

Ring girls have more of a history in America than one would think.  The ladies in the ring were initially the product of 1950’s Las Vegas and were used primiraly to promote boxing matches to attract more viewers.  During the ’70’s, the girls started to dress more scandalous and, at one point, were featured topless that amazing idea and practice was deemed illegal (damn you society).  In the 1980’s the WWF chimed in and gave the ladies high cut swimsuits which eventually transformed into the standard uniform of smoking hot bikini’s ring girls wear today.

In all of the sports that use ring girls, Mixed Martial Arts has by far the best, brightest and most beautiful ladies.  It’s not even a competition.  Numerous MMA girls have either come from or have gone onto successful acting or modeling careers and are the cream of the crop of their field of beauty.  Don’t believe us?  Well check out the Sexiest Active MMA Girls below for yourself, and we shall wait for your apology.

Arianny CelesteUFC l Brittney Palmer UFC

Jessica Sutton – WSOF l Rachelle Leah – UFC

Ashley Salazar – Strikeforce l Kelli Hutcherson – Strikeforce

Brooke Lynette – Scotland’s CWFC l Shannon Ihrke – ProElite MMA, Invicta

Carly Baker – UFC UK l  Corissa Furr – Strikeforce

Jade Bryce – Bellator l Mercedes Terrell – Bellator

Natasha Wicks – UFC, Invicta l Rhiana Roberts – EFC

 Sarah Longbottom – BAMMA UK l Stephanie Ann Cook – Tuff-N-Uff

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16 Sexiest WAGs of the 2013 Masters [PHOTOS]
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