Should A Woman Landscape Herself? [HE SAID / SHE SAID]


Having been with women who’ve run the gambit from “forest ranger” to “smooth as a baby’s bottom,” I can say with absolute certainty that the less hair there, the better. To make life easier for both of us, I’m giving you a list of pre-approved pubic hair styles. Whether you adhere to my advice or not is up to you.

The landing strip. Classic, simple and easy. Men don’t have to ask for directions with this map.

The one where you shave everything. Nothing to complain about here.

The one where you leave only a tuft, with nothing down below. Sasha Grey used to sport this look. Who’s Sasha Grey? I don’t know. Your boyfriend definitely doesn’t know either.

The microphone. I don’t know what this is, but this would be one of the few times I would try karaoke.

The lightning bolt. This is a dangerous play, but if he sees it and stays you’ve pretty much got the greenlight to do whatever you want.

This week’s response was short for a reason. Ladies, take care of your sh*t.


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