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Newest ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Will Make You Giddy With Glee [VIDEO]


June 14th.

Seriously the first movie featuring Kevin Costner anybody has been excited for in about 20 years. Unless of course you were really pulling for Swing Vote, a movie in which the late Roger Ebert compared to “A raccoon performing a colonoscopy on a possum for two straight hours.” RIP Ebes.

It is very refreshing to know there is going to be some serious action in this flick compared to the 8-hour confusing love story that was Superman Returns. And if for some reason there isn’t enough in the film we can just wait for the behind the scenes clips to come out where Russell Crowe throws down with people on the set for no good reason.

But in all honesty, other than Smallville, there hasn’t been much positive things to say about Superman projects since the second Richard Donner movie debuted in 1980. Superman III was all sorts of meh with Richard Pryor and Superman IV was in all essence a Kryptonite Clusterf*ck and contently holds only a 10% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Superman Returns was easily Bryan Singer’s biggest dissapointment and the only sustaining element the ’90’s series The Adventures Of Lois & Clark had was Dean Cain’s sweet, magical eyes…and smile…and body…

What was I talking about again? Oh, right, Man of Steel. June 14th. Do it.

COED Writer