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Katherine Webb Bids ‘Adieu’ To Splash, Citing Injuries [PHOTOS]


Katherine Webb has stopped competing in Splash, citing a back injury she received in last week’s episode (skip to 4:30). “I went to the doctor and, unfortunately, he told me I’m out for the competition.” Not really the sports injury I was expecting to hear, Katherine, but whatever. I’m probably just jealous that normal people can’t get out of work that easy.

The good news is that Katherine’s departure meant the return of Louie Anderson (who quit last week), the only competitor on the show who can wear a swimsuit better than Katherine Webb.

All in all, Katherine put on a good show for her audience. Frankly, five episodes is a lot longer than most of us in the office have expected to see Splash run. It’ll be interesting to see what happens now that both Katherine Webb and Kendra Wilkinson have taken leave.

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