This Desk/Bed Would Make Any Job Mildly Tolerable

Chances are your boss loves catch and berate you for napping on the job because (a) it subconsciously helps him overcome the inferiority he felt as a bullied child, (b) he has nothing better to do while his supervisor is conducting a surprise office check or (c) it excites him sexually. Don’t feel bad if you’re in the third category. You can always say you provided “morale support” for your supervisor on your resume.

Besides, according to science, taking a nap on the job is actually good for your work. There are a number of studies that have found “drowsiness” can actually decrease productivity and that taking a short siesta can improve a person’s work output. If you can someone convince your boss to swallow that, then you should also put this desk/bed on your requisition list.

Studio NL designed and built a work space that magically transforms from a desk into a comfy place to grab a quick nap. In a matter of minutes you can go from filing endless stacks of paperwork and soul crushing data entry busywork to literally sleeping on the job. This full-length desk also ensures that you don’t have to scrunch underneath.

The only downside is that we’re not sure if it’s soundproof enough to keep our fellow snorers safe from distracting those trying to get actual work done.

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