Let’s All Mourn the Loss of Dirk Nowitzki’s Beard or Whatever Lived on His Face for Three Months

Even if you’re not a Dallas Mavericks fan, it’s hard not to like Dirk Nowitzki. He’s always entertaining on the court and doesn’t achieve this by turning himself into a spectacle for thehometown fans or the away-haters. He carries a great deal of humility as an NBA star, which really isn’t hard to do in the NBA since most of the league’s stars couldn’t be more full of themselves if they could swallowed their own bodies.

Of course, this season hasn’t been the most entertaining for Dallas’ fans. They got off to a rough start and were hoping and praying for a win-loss record that didn’t look like the visual acuity score of a man who is going blind in one eye.

So just a few months ago, the Mavericks’ Vince Carter and OJ Mayo made a pact not to shave at all until they could achieve a .500 record. Deadspin reported that Nowitzki joined in and the three grew scraggly beards up until last night.

The Mavericks’ chances of making it to the playoffs may be a mathematical impossibility now but Nowitzki’s dash to the finish was still quite impressive. His effort helped the Mavericks beat the New Orleans Hornets and finish the season with a decent record of 40-40. He also reached the 25,000 point mark making him the 17th player to do so in NBA history. If his beard were still alive after Dirk dashed off to the locker room to thanklessly cut it loose from his face, we’re sure it just would have looked at him with a simple, humble grin and kindly remark “That’ll do, Dirk, that’ll do.”

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