Hands Down, Esquire Just Published The Sexiest Pictures Of Alison Brie Ever [23 PHOTOS]

As far as Alison Brie is concerned, you don’t have to give us much to get us excited. It’s not like we’re above publishing something as simple asĀ her holding kittens. So when I first saw these photos of the Community star in the upcoming May issue of Esquire Magazine, my jaw dropped. She is flat-out gorgeous and unafraid to show it.

In addition to taking some of her hottest photos (that GQ feature doesn’t count because it also had Gillian Jacobs), Esquire asked the actress about different things she loved. If there was ever a chance to learn something useful about Alison Brie for when you meet her at that Comic convention, that interview would be it.

From gentlemen everywhere, thank you Esquire Magazine. Make sure to check out all her photos on their website here.

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