Artie Lang’s Still Got It In A-Rod Rant Even Though He Looks Like He May Not Live Past The Hour [VIDEO]

Granted, Artie has looked like he’s about to take his last breath for a couple decades now, but still, man needs to mix in a workout every now and then.

This is what everyone loves about Artie Lang. The man hasn’t had a f*ck to give since the Reagan administration. Always unshaven. Doesn’t care what he eats. Just speaking his mind to some TMZ guys while sporting Super Bowl zip up was guaranteed to be given to him for free or or he found in the dumpster. Keep on being Artie, Artie.

And everything he said about Alex Rodriguez is 1,000,000,000,000% accurate. One of the worst athletes, nay, men in human history. And the term “men” is used loosely because anyone who has popcorn fed to them by their girlfriend during the Super Bowl or willingly hangs paintings of themselves as a Centaur in the bedroom has some obvious issues with his manliness.

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