The Best Golf Video Games To Play Instead Of Watching The Masters [PHOTOS]

Watching Pro Golf on TV is for old people and young stroke victims

Unless you’re betting on it, you shouldn’t be watching it. Actually, even if you’re betting on it, you could just get updates sent to your phone. It’ll be more stimulating that way.

The best way to enjoy golf is by playing golf video games. Whether you’re playing it on a bar arcade platform or at home on a game console, golf is more fun when you’re on your couch and you don’t have to pay for clubs and membership. Also, it’s better when you’re high.

Starting with Nintendo 64 and Playstation, golf games got pretty fun. Sometimes you want to play a serious game with real PGA players, other times you want to look at a hot anime chick. And sometimes you want to play as Wario.

We got you covered. Here’s 10 awesome games to check out it you haven’t already.

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