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PSY’s New Video: “Gentleman” [VIDEO]


The man behind “Gangnam Style” is back again with his crazy addictive Korean antics

South Korea is a liberal democracy that shares a long border, heritage, and language with North Korea, a country run a bats–t insane, fascist child of a dictator. Who has nuclear weapons. South Koreans live in constant fear, so they need ridiculous entertainment to distract them. That’s where PSY, the portly mix of Frank Sinatra and Lady Gaga, dances his way in.

PSY killed us with “Gangnam Style,” setting records for YouTube views as he made the world reconsider trying kimchi. Now he’s back with “Gentleman,” which takes a tired idea – calling yourself one thing but acting a completely different way for humorous effect – and takes it to such a ridiculous extreme that it feels new.

“Gentleman” probably won’t get as many hits as “Gangnam Style,” and the parodies won’t be as good, but he might have made a similar splash with “Gentleman” if it had come out first.

Let’s call him the one-man Farrelly Brothers of the 2010s.

via YouTube

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