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Just What in the Hell is So “Low Cost” About Apple’s New Low Cost iPhone?


Apple may have one of the best selling cell phones in the world but it can also be one of the most expensive. When Apple first starting selling their infamous iPhone back in 2007, customers had to plunk down around $600 just to get the very first model and that’s before AT&T sent them their huge bill that probably cost $100 in trees alone just to print.

Now, touchscreen phones are all over the place and if Apple wants to stay competitive, they’ve realized they are going to have to readjust their prices a bit. A new report speculates that Apple is prepared to offer a lower cost iPhone for the rock bottom price of $350 to $400.

Industry analysts believe that Apple may be cutting into its market by offering a phone that comes with such a high price tag and they expect Apple to announce their cheaper version around June when the iPhone 5S will be announced.

The new price is very telling about Apple’s mindset. Sure, it might be a lower price for such a flashy phone. However, to them, $400 is considered “cheap” much in the same way that $400 is seen as a small amount to someone who eats caviar off supermodels with pure elephant ivory chopsticks and uses original Pablo Picasso prints as toilet paper.

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