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Would You Buy This Playboy Bunny House For $11 Million?


The “Playboy Bunny House” is for sale and it can be yours for the low California price of $11 million dollars, and it doesn’t even come with the damn playmates.

That’s right, the same “Playboy Bunny House” that was featured in The Girls Next Door. The 1960’s decor, 1.3 acre, 6000 square foot, Bates Motel (the actual motel part) looking house where the playmates live is yours if you have more money lying around than I would earn in 23.5 lifetimes. Again, this is not the Playboy Mansion, which judging by this house’s asking price would be listed at minimally $700 billion dollars.

The house is just a “hop” (Get it?!? Cause it’s the “Bunny” house!!!!) away from the actual Playboy Mansion. The place does come with a pool, though. Guess that’s what shot the price up so much.

  • COED Writer